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Premium Glass-Framed Dog Portrait

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The Perfect Gift 🎁 for a Dog Parent!

Get a professionally made Dog Portrait of your baby 🐶.

Our artwork is made by real artists who care that you have a high-quality and unique art piece that you can keep forever!

Now you will always have a special piece of art to spark your favorite memories of your favorite pal!

FREE SHIPPING! Note: due to high demand, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

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How It Works

1) Submit your order
Make sure that when you submit your order, you provide an image that is clear and not blurry.  This helps us make our prints as detailed as possible.

2) Craft your dog portrait
When your order is submitted and paid, we will start designing your canvas. During the design process, you are allotted unlimited revisions. (We will be in communication with you during that entire process)

3) Print and ship
After we complete the design process, your dog portrait is then printed on a canvas and then shipped to the address provided.

Delivery 📦

It takes about 10-14 days in total to receive a finished canvas.
Below is a breakdown of that timeline:

*Customizing your design (1-3 days)

*Canvas production and manufacturing (4 days)

*Shipping the canvas (5 -7 days)

Keep in mind, these numbers are estimates and are not exact. Since each customer is allotted unlimited revisions, customizing the designs can take longer than expected (depending on the number of revisions).

    How We Design Each Painting

    We paint custom dog portraits with Adobe Photoshop. We don't physically paint with traditional media such as oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Adobe Photoshop is used because it allows making professional edits that traditional media isn't able to do.

    The design comes from the request that you submit on this page. We don't see your request until you pay.

    Designing the portraits take about 1-3 days.
    Each customer is allotted unlimited revisions. So the design time is dependent on the number of revisions on the painting. We will keep designing your unique painting until you are satisfied. Each bit of detail matters to us. 

     Satisfaction Guaranteed
    LOVE your digital preview or your money back!

    We truly mean it! Your art is not printed until YOU approve your custom design. The artwork we make is high quality and we are confident that you will love it. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. "Paint My Doggy" consists of real artists who want to make the art you will love. If you are not satisfied with your preview, then we will refund 100% of your purchase back to you.

    showing dog canvas 3

    Matthew Ferrer holding a custom dog portrait

    Paint My Doggy Founder
    Matthew Ferrer

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my passion project. This project (Paint My Doggy) started out as a hobby for me to practice my digital art. I made these dog portraits as gifts for my friends and family. With their support, they helped me jump out of my comfort zone and said I should make a business out of it. I took their advice and now I am going all in! Combining art with business has always been a dream of mine, and now I'm doing it! Since I am just one person, there is only so much work I can take on. Because of this limitation, I hand-picked my team of artists to make the art you will love. We are all excited to meet you and we all thank you for supporting our passions.

    Sincerely, Matt
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